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If you need to really understand things from your employees' point of view then you need a tool that will give you the greatest level of insight into what they think and how they feel. Anything else is a waste of your resources.

Insightlink's 4Cs Employee Survey lets you see a clear picture of where your company stands on each of the critical 4Cs of employee engagement and satisfaction — Commitment to assess employee dedication, Culture to gauge morale, motivation, leadership and accountability, Communications to identify roadblocks to effective management and Compensation to measure employee perceptions of pay and benefits. Together they form the best way to measure employee engagement available anywhere.

But don't just take it from us. Look at some of the hundreds of organizations large and small who have experienced our commitment to making sure they get the best return possible from their employee survey investment. We guarantee it.

More than just an "off-the-shelf employee survey", the 4Cs Employee Survey can be easily customized to fit your organization's needs with additional topics and/or questions to address specific areas of concern you may have. With Insightlink's 4Cs approach, you are not just getting a survey, you are getting survey experts.

And we give you much more that just a single engagement score. You'll see and hear how your employees experience your organization from the inside. Request a no-obligation quote now to understand how valuable this picture can be.

Scroll down to see what's included in a typical 4Cs Survey

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We start by consulting with you to understand your organization. This helps us both to design your questionnaire and to choose the best method(s) for survey execution.

Data collection: It's your choice. Surveys can be completed online, by pen & paper or a by combination of the two. Web-based surveys are the most economical method, but depending on your industry, paper surveys may be more appropriate for some or all of your employees.

Reporting: We offer a range of different reporting options depending on your needs and budget. You can choose an MS PowerPoint Comprehensive Analysis of your data, showing charts and graphs with detailed commentary, full executive summary and recommendations for next steps. Or you may prefer a simpler, more economical format showing just charts and graphs that will still give you a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your survey results.

We can also rollup the data in different ways, provide department or divisional reports in several formats, provide year-over-year trending and, of course, show comparisons of your scores to national and industry norms. Click here to go to our samples page where you can download examples of the many different reporting options available.

Report Topics: All reports will feature an Importance vs. Performance Analysis on each of the 4Cs (Commitment, Culture, Communication & Compensation), performance ratings of Senior Management and Immediate Supervisors, our exclusive Loyalty & Engagement Matrix, the 4Cs Motivation Index and an overall Engagement Score plus reporting on any additional topics you may have chosen to add to your survey.

Insightlink's 4Cs Action Planning Workbook:
Insightlink's 4Cs Employee Survey Feedback and Action Planning Workbook is designed to help you transform your employee survey results into useful and effective strategic plans. You will receive practical guides, tips, and forms to help you navigate, understand, and take action on your employee survey results. Click here to download excerpts from the workbook.

Our repeat clients who have used our 4Cs Action Planning Workbook average a 7% increase in overall satisfaction on follow-up surveys. How much would that be worth to you?

If you are ready to find out why hundreds of organizations trust us year after year, then contact us today at 1-866-802-8095 x705 or request a quote online.


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