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4Cs Blog: Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions Help Continue the Cycle of Success


If you are thinking about having your employees take a satisfaction survey, you have come to the right place. Insightlink Communications is a leader in the satisfaction survey industry. We specialize in providing our clients with surveys that are geared toward uncovering the truth – even if the truth is not always pretty. Our employee satisfaction survey questions are in-depth analyses of each employee’s thoughts and feelings. The words of each question will help reveal the honest answers you need to locate problem areas in your business. Even though each question is worded in such a manner as to reveal the truth, you do not have to worry about overwhelming your employees. The surveys are easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to answer.

Once your employees have taken their surveys, we will provide you with a report that details what the surveys have uncovered. For example, if the majority of your employees are unhappy with their job-related benefits, you can start taking steps to improve their benefits. Keeping your employees happy is essential to the overall success of your business – happy workers are busy, productive workers. Once you have the survey results, you can start addressing each area that needs to be changed. You will also know which areas make your employees happy. Knowledge is always power, especially in the world of business operation. Contact us today to gain the knowledge you need to be successful and pass that success on to your employees, keeping them happy and continuing the cycle of success. 

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Employee Surveys Provide Valuable Information to Help You Succeed

Opening a new business involves many tedious tasks. You have to acquire the financing to fund your new endeavor. You have to acquire a physical location for your business. You have to make sure you follow all the rules and regulations pertaining to operating a business. You also have to hire employees. Once you have all your ducks in a row, you can launch your business. Hopefully, it will be a success.

If your business is not a success, before you give up, consider the benefits of employee surveys. Surveys provide your employees with an anonymous way to tell you exactly how they feel about their job. You need to know how your employees feel, because employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction can have a great effect on the success of your business. If your employees are unhappy, they are not going to give their best to your business.

They are not going to go above and beyond. They are not going to care about your success. On the other hand, if your employees are happy, they will want nothing more than to see your business succeed; not only for you, but for them, too. Employee satisfaction and success go hand in hand.

Insightlink Communications is here to help you find out exactly how your employees feel about their jobs, about your operating procedures, about everything pertinent to your business. With clear, honest answers, you can locate the areas that need change, make the necessary changes, and start seeing your business become the success you always knew it could be. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of employee surveys.  

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Disengaged Employees can be Hard on Your Business

Any business owner understands the importance of keeping employees happy. Disengaged employees do not care about the success of the business. They are disengaged from it – they are not bound to it, nor do they feel a sense of loyalty to it. In other words, they come to work simply because they have to work, not because they want to be there.

Keeping your employees happy and engaged helps to ensure the overall success of your business. Happy employees are productive employees. They do not call in sick to work as often, they work harder to help the business succeed, and they feel a sense of loyalty to you, the employer.

Here at Insightlink Communications, we want to help you keep your employees happy and engaged. That is why we offer surveys that you can give your employees to gain their insight into the operation of your business. You are the owner – you may not understand what a day-to-day employee faces.


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An Employee Satisfaction Survey Report Shows You Where You Need to Change

Have you ever given an employee satisfaction survey report consideration? As a business owner, you should definitely consider the benefits of such a survey.

This type of survey seeks to find out how satisfied your employees are, because the more satisfied your employees are, the better they will work for your business. It does not take a genius to figure out that if someone hates their job, they are only going to do the bare minimum to keep that job. It is just a paycheck for them, and if they can find something better, they will. A satisfaction survey tells you how happy your employees are, so you can make any changes deemed necessary.

Once you have the results of your survey, you can locate areas that need change. Just because you think that you are operating your business the right way does not make it so. There is every chance that you may need to make some changes in your operations to keep your workers happy. While these surveys can be hard to read, sometimes – no one wants to read about how unhappy their workers are – it is important that you know the truth.

Only with the truth will you finally be able to create a working environment that keeps your workers happy – and helps to ensure the success of your business.

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Disengaged Employees Can Be Damaging to Your Business

Keeping your employees engaged and active in the overall operation of your business is essential to your success. It is actually pretty simple – when people care about something, they work harder to protect it. This includes businesses. Think of it like this – if you have a hobby that you love, when you work on your hobby, you give it your all. You take your time to make sure you do everything right. You take pride in it. The same holds true for businesses.

Disengaged employees can quickly lead to your downfall. They do not take pride in their jobs. In many cases, they could not care less about what happens to the business. It is just another job to them. Engaged employees, on the other hand, take pride in the business. They want to see it succeed; they care about its success. They do everything they can to ensure its success. These are the kind of employees you want operating your business.

These are the kind of employees you can count on to protect your business and help make it successful.

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An Employee Satisfaction Survey Report Reveals Areas of Improvement

The overall satisfaction and happiness of your employees has a direct impact on the success of your business. Unhappy employees do not give their best to your company. They do not strive to help your business succeed. To unhappy employees, a job is just a job and nothing more.

Happy, satisfied employees give 110% to their jobs. It is more than just a job to them – they want to do everything they can to help the business succeed, because they know that your success means better things for them.

Here at Insightlink Communications, we can help you find out the true thoughts and feelings of your employees, when it comes to their jobs. Through the use of our tried-and-true surveys, you can uncover the truth about your employees and their thoughts about your company. With an employee satisfaction survey report in hand, you can easily see areas where you need to make improvements to ensure their satisfaction.


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Do You Have Disengaged Employees Bringing Down Productivity?

Do you currently struggle to keep your employees happy and satisfied?

Do you have disengaged employees who never seem to give 100% to their jobs?

Do your employees seem withdrawn and unmotivated, as if they have better things to do?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it is past time for you to seek honest feedback from your employees and make necessary changes. Here at Insightlink Communications, we can help you get the answers and feedback you need, so you can become the kind of employer that people want.

Our surveys will help you determine the type of employees you have working for you: change seekers, committed loyalists, satisfied opportunists, and dissatisfied compromisers. If you do not know which label your employees fall under, now is the time to find out. Instead of losing money because of unhappy employees, your company can be one that flourishes because of satisfied, productive workers.

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73% Of Employees Want A Holiday Bonus

Not really any surprise here, but it appears that getting a cash bonus is the top choice for what employees want from their employers as a holiday perk.

Results from a survey by Glassdoor.com indicate that most employees put cash bonuses at the top of their wish list of employer-gifted holiday perks. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the more than 2,000 adults surveyed listed a “cash bonus” as one of their top choices as an employer-gifted holiday perk this year, followed by a raise in salary (60%), paid time off (36%), grocery gift card (29%) and “work from home for 1 year” (13%).

How about ther traditional (and often regretted by some) holiday party? What do employees think about them? Only five percent (5%) of the respondents indicated that a “company party with open bar” would be on their wish list. In fact, of the nine perks identified in the results, the holiday party was the second least picked option, with “commuter subsidy” (2%) being the only option picked less. Gym membership (7%) was even picked more than a holiday party.

So, if holiday parties are not particulary wanted, will most companies still have them? The answer to that is a surprising “yes.”  96 of the 105 (91%) companies polled said that they will have a company party this year. Bring on the Secret Santas then, but don't drink too much and don't do anything you will regret later!

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Ensure Success with an Employee Satisfaction Survey

The overall satisfaction of your employees can tell you a lot about the expected success of your business. The satisfaction of employees and their productivity go hand in hand. If your employees are unhappy and unsatisfied with their jobs, they are not going to work nearly as hard as they would if they were satisfied. With an employee satisfaction survey, you can find out how satisfied your employees are in a private, anonymous method.

The reason for anonymity is to ensure honest answers. Your employees are not going to say bad things about the company if they know that their names will be revealed. To find out the truth about employee satisfaction, you need an anonymous survey that allows them to speak freely. Insightlink Communications can help you with our proven satisfaction surveys. Our surveys will reveal the rate of employee satisfaction that your workers feel. With these answers, you can help ensure the overall and ongoing success of your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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How to Show Employee Loyalty?

Employee Loyalty TattooThis may be the ultimate expression of employee committment and loyalty, although I'm not sure it's for everyone. The owner of a real estate company in New York is giving its 800 employees a unique loyalty incentive – a permanent 15% raise in exchange for getting a tattoo of the company logo. The owner got the idea when one of his  employees voluntarily had the complay logo tattooed on his arm. Thinking this was "cool" Anthony Lolli decided to offer the rest of his employees a straight 15% raise if they also had the company logo tattooed on their bodies in any size (or place) that they chose. So far 40 people have taken him up on the offer. Would you?

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Insightlink Communications are experts in employee survey design, data collection and analysis. Since 2001 we've helped companies of all sizes measure and improve their employee satisfaction and engagement.

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