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     Frequently asked questions

  1. How many questions are in the Insightlink 4Cs survey? How long does a typical survey take?
    The full-length 4Cs Survey has 52 questions and takes employees 30-40 minutes to complete. For most clients, however, we use about three-quarters of this survey to achieve the right balance between data needs and the time commitment required of employees. To see a sample of the full survey, please contact us at information@insightlink.com or 866-802-8095 ext 705.
  2. Can I edit, add or remove questions?
    Yes. We work with you to optimize the questions to increase their effectiveness for your organization. For comparison purposes, however, it is important to keep certain questions consistent to take full advantage of Insightlink's normative benchmarks.
  3. Does Insightlink have norms or benchmarks?
    Yes. We have extensive benchmarks for employees in total and for major industry groups in the United States and Canada. We also have select international benchmarks. Unlike many other companies, we do not use client data as part of our benchmark database because it is neither random nor representative. We invest in our own annual benchmark study which is fully representative and statistically valid.
  4. What kind of reports can I get from Insightlink?
    We offer a variety of customized reports depending on your needs. To download samples of reports, CLICK HERE.
  5. How do I know what kind of report I need?
    That depends on your comfort level with interpreting data and your organization's preferences. Furthermore, Insightink does not require that you commit to a report type at the time the survey launches. Reporting is one thing that sets Insightlink apart. Our extensive experience in analyzing survey data means that we highlight the information you need for effective decision-making. Rather than just focusing on what's wrong in your organization, we give you a complete picture of employee satisfaction, so that you can determine the actions needed to either improve or maintain employee morale.
  6. Can I use my own survey when we work with Insightlink?
    Yes. We can easily Web-enable your survey for use in our system. Furthermore, we can incorporate data results for comparisons with your previous surveys to look at year-to-year changes.
  7. Can I look at results from my Insightlink survey in more detail?
    Yes. We can provide more detail through cross-tabulations. CLICK HERE for samples.
  8. Does Insightlink ensure employee anonymity?
    Yes. Insightlink is committed to protecting both the confidentiality of our clients and the identity of their employees. Through strict adherence to industry standards and practices concerning the collection of employee opinion data, we pledge that your privacy and anonymity will be protected. Our reputation depends on it.
  9. How can HR reassure employees that their identities are protected?
    We make our policies clear and provide a toll-free number and email for any questions or concerns.

    When answering surveys online, employees will be sent a randomly-generated unique access code. This code is destroyed by the system as soon as the survey is complete, making it impossible to trace answers to an individual.

    Access codes are never provided to employers. Each random code is sent from a closed email system so that not even Insightlink employees have direct access to the codes.

    When a survey is closed, all unused access codes are purged from the system.

    When reporting results, only aggregates and percentages based on the total number of responses are returned to the employer. They will never receive the results of any individual survey. The comments provided to any essay questions in a survey will be grouped together with those from all other employees and randomized before an employer sees them.

    When answering paper surveys, employees are never asked to identify themselves. The organization sends the completed surveys back to Insightlink. Employers never see individual completed surveys.
  10. Can I see employee comments when we work with Insightlink?
    Yes. We send you unedited Microsoft Word files of all open-ended/written comments. We provide text from all open-ended, free-form essay questions in Word format, randomized to protect employee anonymity.
  11. Can Insightlink enable me to conduct surveys in multiple languages?
    Yes. We have the capacity to provide services in most languages.
  12. Can Insightlink compare our organization's results to previous years?
    Yes. We archive results for up to five years and work directly with clients to decide which historical results should be used for comparison purposes.
  13. Can we include an incentive for employees when we conduct a survey with Insightlink?
    Yes. However, Insightlink's 4Cs survey is designed to be sufficiently engaging and motivating to achieve high participation and completion without incentives. During our issues meetings with clients, we discuss the nature of the organization's work force to assess whether incentives are warranted.
  14. What is an average participation rate on Insightlink's 4Cs Survey?
    For studies conducted entirely online, the average participation is 75-80%. In addition, the average completion rate among those participating is 97%.
  15. Can I monitor participation of Insightlink's 4Cs Survey?
    Yes. You can check the progress of your study online both in total and by specific employee groups.
  16. Can Insightlink help me do paper surveys?
    Yes. Insightlink offers paper surveys for employees who are more likely (or only able to) provide feedback on paper.
  17. Can Insightlink help me conduct surveys with people who don't have computers or email access?
    Yes. We can provide hard copy surveys, online access or both. For employees without computers or email access in their workplace, many of our clients set up semi-private stand-alone terminals with Internet access so employees with basic computer competence can complete the survey. Those employees who are uncomfortable with computers can have paper copies available. Paper surveys will be input manually at our offices to ensure confidentiality.
  18. What if some employees have Internet and email access, while others do not?
    We can accommodate a mix of methodologies. All we need is an approximation of how many employees need one method versus the other to ensure we have both options covered.
  19. How long does it take to get results?
    Our modular online system allows us to rapidly develop and execute your survey in the fastest time possible at a cost significantly lower than pen and paper surveys and comparable online methods. Because of the seamlessness of our proprietary data collection system, we Web-enable and launch surveys very quickly, even within 1-2 days. Although the specific timing will be decided in consultation our clients, the following guidelines are useful when planning employee satisfaction studies:

    • Questionnaire Development: 1-2 weeks
    • Online Data Collection: 1-2 weeks
    • Paper Survey Data Collection: 3-4 weeks
    • Complete Data Reports: 1 week following the close of data collection
    • Comprehensive Analysis: 2-3 weeks following the production of data reports
  20. Who are Insightlink's clients?
    Insightlink has conducted employee studies for companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries in the U.S., Canada and internationally. These industries include: Banking & Insurance, Business Services, Biotechnology, Defense Contracting, Healthcare, High-tech (hardware & software), Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Transportation/Airlines, Government, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Publishing, Legal Services, Non-Profit, Entertainment, Education and Public Utilities.

    For a full client list and references please contact us at information@insightlink.com or 866-802-8095 ext 705.

  21. What other kinds of surveys and other services does Insightlink offer?
    Insightlink offers a range of survey services. While our Insightlink 4Cs survey is the most popular, we offer in-depth surveys focused specifically on Compensation and Benefits, Corporate Culture, Employee Commitment, Internal Communications and Ethics.

    To augment to our core survey work, we conduct focus groups, telephone interviews, interactive voice response-based surveys and other custom research studies.
If we haven't answered your question here, please contact us. We are happy to provide more information.


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