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Norms provide an important context for comparison

Normative data are critical to interpreting your survey results and helping define which areas you may need to target for action. For example, if your survey results indicate that 66% of your employees are satisfied with advancement opportunities, you need to know if this result is comparable to other employers or if it represents a problem that could lead to the loss of top performers. Comparison with the Insightlink normative database offers this perspective.

How do you know if norms are valid?

It's critical when evaluating a survey vendor to request background on the source and composition of the normative data that will be used as comparisons in your reports.

Unlike many other employee survey companies, Insightlink maintains its data integrity by purposely not including any clients' data in our normative database. We adhere to stringent research standards and believe strongly that the addition of any self-selected sample (like that of our clients) significantly skews the results and compromises the validity of normative data.

Instead, our norms are created via an independent annual survey of randomly selected employees in North America. The sample for this survey is balanced against Bureau of Labor Statistics and Statistics Canada figures on key factors such as company size, industry classification, geography and employee demographics. The result of this balanced sampling is a rigorously scientific, fully accurate view that provides real benchmarks against which to judge your organization's scores. This means our 4Cs Employee Normative Database is always current, accurate and relevant.

The bottom line is that you can have full confidence in the validity and value of our normative data for both U.S. and Canadian employees. We take it seriously and you should too.

See it for yourself...

Click here to visit our samples page where you can download examples showing exactly how the normative data are used within your reports to provide context and comparisons.


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