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Reports you can understand

The last thing you need at the end of your survey is an undecipherable data dump, or pages and pages of charts only a statistician could love. In other words, the reports shouldn't get in the way of understanding the results.

Our goal is to give you reports that not only provide data, but also give you clarity, context and perspective. Our graphical reports are designed to be easy to read and our written reports are designed to highlight the most important findings with the aim of creating a workable action plan that will help move your company forward.

The samples provided here are shortened versions of the real thing. MS PowerPoint is our standard format, but for these examples the files are PDFs.

Sample Reports

When you choose the 4Cs Employee Survey for your company, you are not locked in to a specific report, or set of reports. Instead, we give you a menu of reporting options from which you can select to meet your needs and fit your budget. Some examples are listed below. Click the report title to download.

  Full Comprehensive Analysis
Our "Gold Standard" report delivered in MS PowerPoint which includes graphs/charts on all questions and written analysis/commentary on all topics. Includes a full Executive Summary, individual section summaries on Culture, Communications, Commitment and Compensation (the 4Cs), Motivation Index, Loyalty Matrix, Engagement Score, Departmental Hot Zone Charts and recommendations for action. Available with or without normative data.

  Graphical Summary Report
The same charts and graphs as in the full report described above, but without the written analysis or commentary. A much more economical option if your budget is tight. It's nevertheless just as informative, only you'll do the analysis of the results yourself using our 4Cs Action Planning Workbook (see below). Also available with or without normative data.

  Webinar Presentation
We'd love to present and discuss your results with your management team and we can easily do this by Webex if requested. We can also present in-person at your location.

  Unit Summary Report
If you need individual unit reports (for department or division managers for example) this option is available. These PDF reports typically select key highlights from the overall results, but can include the entire survey. It's up to you. Tell us what you need.

  Crosstab Report
For the real data addicts out there, these statistical tabular format reports allow you slice and dice the results in multiple ways. You can have these in PDF or Excel format.

  4Cs Action Planning Workbook
Don't do an employee survey unless you are ready to take action on the results. When you are ready to take action, this indispensible workbook will help you transform your employee opinion survey results into useful and effective strategic plans.

  Raw Survey Data
We'll keep your data archived for up to 5 years for trending against future surveys, but if you ever need the raw data for other purposes just ask us. It's your data.

  What's the ROI?
There is a clearly defined return on investment to be gained by conducting a 4Cs Employee Survey to increase engagement and reduce turnvover.

If you have specific reporting needs, call us to discuss it. We'll do our best to accomodate your requests.

Some things to ask yourself...

1. Is it clear how we work hard to give you the most appropriate survey solution for your company?
2. Can you see how Insightlink's 4Cs reports could help you gain valuable insights into your workforce?
3. Are you ready to see results from a well-designed, well-executed study that you can have 100% confidence in?

If there's anything we haven't answered please contact us. Better yet, click here to ask us for a quote right now and let us show you the unbeatable value in a 4Cs Employee Survey.


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