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Keeping Remote Employees Engaged with Collaboration Tech

 Remote working is increasingly on the rise as emerging technology enables employees to have more autonomy and customize their work experience. However, managing remote employees and keeping them engaged through long-distance meetings can be a challenge that requires the right tools that enable you to lead with confidence. Powerful remote meetings are crucial to the success of teams that have a mix of in-office and remote employees, contractors and partners. Fortunately, several collaboration tools on the market today are great at bringing professionals together in an online environment.

VoIP Conferencing Platforms 

Effective video conferencing can help you deliver an effective remote meeting experience with features that boost employee interaction. One of the best platforms is ezTalks Cloud Meeting, which gives users HD video, screen-sharing, VoIP audio conferencing and a whiteboard for portraying concepts and adding annotations. Best of all, it comes with a mobile app participants can use on any mobile device. This makes the meeting even more flexible for remote employees, who can tune in from virtually anywhere. 

Zoho Meeting is another conferencing platform for hosting online meetings. Video conferencing, meeting scheduling, screen sharing, chat collaboration and meeting reports all take place within your browser. Hence, there’s no need to ask employees to install software on their systems.


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What Is An Agile Working Environment

Agile working creates an efficient business environment by giving employees the freedom and flexibility to work in different areas of an office, or remotely via hot-desking, when and how they choose. With less constraints and more flexibility, the focus is more about performance and quality and less about where tasks are undertaken. Instant Offices have taken a closer look into Agile Working:

What is Agile Working?

By looking at work as an activity, rather than a place, agile working focuses on eliminating any barriers that stand in the way of achieving objectives. 70% of organisations are predicted to adopt some sort of flexible working by 2020 and agile working is at the heart of this transition to a more adaptable way of viewing the workplace.

Benefits of Agile Working

• Improved quality of working relationships, both internal and client-facing
• Reduced costs
• Increased productivity
• Talent acquisition and retention

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5 Contests and Benefits to Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

 Talk to any business executive and you're likely to hear their core focus is on revenue and growth. But what about for everyday employees? While their day-to-day work is focused on meeting these executive-level goals, they very likely get out of bed each morning and are excited about their job for different reasons.

 Indeed, job satisfaction goes well beyond achieving overall company success. In particular, the daily grind can stress out anyone as well as put ongoing wear and tear on employees' health, morale and productivity. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are five ways you can help re-energize your employees so they keep performing at their best. 

1. Fitness Challenges 

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How to Overcome Job Stress and Keep Employees Engaged

 Numerous studies show that our jobs are the major source of stress in our lives and the trend is progressively getting worse.

Job stress is reported by the American Institute of Stress to be causing increased rates of heart attack, hypertension and other disorders. The American Institute of Stress reports that the main causes of job stress are:

  1. Workload 46%
  2. People Issues 28%
  3. Juggling work and personal lives 20%
  4. Lack of job security 6%

The Institutes findings on job stress reveal that, ‘The severity of job stress depends on the magnitude of the demands that are being made and the individual’s sense of control or decision-making latitude he or she has in dealing with them. Scientific studies based on this model confirm that workers who perceive they are subjected to high demands but have little control are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

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Productivity Primer: 3 Tools to Boost Employee Impact

Companies need collaboration. With more employees working remotely and satellite offices a viable opportunity for SMBs and enterprises alike, continued growth demands the ability to quickly and easily connect team members across locations and time zones. The solution? Collaboration tools.

The challenge? Many companies now face "collaboration-tool overload." With both startups and established vendors offering their own take on employee-driven digital cooperation, how do you single out tools that offer the biggest boost to employee impact while still keeping costs and complications under control? Here are three toolsets that fit the bill.


The goal of collaboration tools is to enhance staff ability to interact, cooperate and complete projects. But these tools don't always hit the mark. While over 80 percent of professionals say that collaboration solutions play a "very or extremely important role" in meeting business objectives, 46 percent are frustrated that these tools don't allow them to make contractors, consultants and other third-party providers part of the collaboration loop, a CIO survey reports. As a result, it's a good idea to look for a tool that allows external users but also supports the security of two-factor authentication. Here, it's a question of balancing inside and outside needs. While internal collaboration is critical, business opportunities don't exist in a vacuum. Going beyond corporate walls is now a requirement.


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Six Ways To Boost Employee Engagement Without A Raise

 Instant Offices’ Head of Marketing, John Williams, weighs in on boosting employee satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

Everyone wants to be compensated well for the work they do, but is money alone the most effective motivator? While there’s an obvious link between salary and job satisfaction, studies suggest that there are other, far more compelling and effective ways to reward and inspire employees, and work space is high on the list.
Happiness at work has a significant impact on life outside of work, and employees are generally happier when they feel valued in business. Rewarding employees can be done in various ways, whether it be allowing them to be involved in company decision-making, monetary incentives, extra benefits like company cars, gym memberships, or by offering them flexible hours.
However, in 2016 UK Workplace Survey published by US-based design and architecture firm, Gensler, emphasis is placed on the huge influence of the office environment, and how to align design and functional elements in an office with productivity and job satisfaction.

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Romancing the Disengaged at Work and in Love

Romantic relationships and employee engagement have more in common than you might think.

Much of what sustains a couple in a happy long term marriage and relationship are the same qualities needed to have a healthy engaged team at work. In both cases we are dealing with people and their relationships. Couples who wed draw many others into their circle such as children, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends. Our work places bring together people from an even wider circle. They are al just people and like all of us, they al crave relational success, financial success, and healthy connections (we humans are hardwired for connection). We all want commitment, a sense of belonging, recognition, and to be valued. We want our partners to love us, while we want our co-workers and managers to respect and value us.  Read full post

Disengaged Employees Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

And here's why-

If you get the feeling your employees just don’t care they probably don’t. But don’t take that the wrong way…this could be the start of something big, something new and something much, much better.

Disengaged employees are often easy to spot. The symptoms manifest all around you if you are careful to look for the signs. Disenaged employees don’t smile very much, they call in sick, they quit, waste time, don’t go above and beyond and very often turn away your customers instead of helping them. Sales might be down, productivity could be falling too.

A really quick and simple way to get a sense of what is happening can be found by asking one or two key questions
1. Are you proud to work here? 
2. Would you recommend working here to a friend?

 If the answer to either or both is no, you have three choices. Ignore the problem, hope HR can magically fix the problem or, make a change.

If you suspect or have diagnosed your employees as being disengaged we cannot stress the importance of digging and finding out why this is happening, and asking what is causing morale to plummet. At Insightlink it is our job to help companies ask these often difficult questions. Difficult by nature and also difficult to how to ask questions using the right words to get the answers you so badly need to know.   Read full post

What No One Wants You To Know About A Toxic Workplace

When work becomes toxic it is natural to feel powerless to do anything about it.

You may think because you are not the boss you are stuck but this could not be further from the truth.
You do not need a title to be a leader. In fact every one of us is a leader by virtue of the influence we have over the people we come into contact with. For example you influence your friends, your partner, your neighbors, your children and even your co-workers. As leaders with influence in our own circles, we have more power to influence people than we realize. In the case of a toxic work environment you can use your energy to shift toxic energy into a more positive direction simply by exerting your influence.


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The Key Driver Behind Customer Retention

 Is Extraordinary Customer Service

Extraordinary because it is creative, genuine and deliberate; the kind that is deeply rooted in an organization’s culture and its ethos towards its employees. Extraordinary employees deliver extraordinary frontline service; these are the employees who go above and beyond because they intrinsically believe in the company they represent. Employees will bring an organization’s mission vision and values to life if they are believe in the job they are doing, if they feel they are an integral part of the organization.

The Happy Employee Myth

Many organizations have based their entire philosophy on the belief that happy employees lead to more satisfied customers but our research shows this is only partly true. We found that often times employees say they are happy because they are content with the way things are, but that is often because of external motivators like perks and ‘presents’. External motivators can keep morale high and have a positive impact on employees' feelings of satisfaction in the short term, but they do not contribute to long-term satisfaction.

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