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4Cs Blog: Happy Employees = Happy Customers

The Secrets of Great Teamwork

Experts argue that a successful approach to team building requires taking an honest look at the current practice within organizations, as well as taking into consideration what organisations have done in the past and what they are doing today. Therefore, team building can be much more than just about creating more workable relationships. It is essential to understand the dynamics of motivation within a team and how this relates to overall team performance. These concepts provide a valuable framework for understanding the motivational processes involved in team building.

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Why You Should Hire Graduates

As an employer, you probably frequently ask yourself “why should you hire a graduate?” Graduates are fresh-faced, eager to learn and tend to have lower salary expectations; therefore, there are a variety of benefits of hiring a graduate. This article will focus on a variety of the benefits of hiring graduates.


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The Role of HR Departments in Startups

We are living during an exciting time for startups. The rise of the digital age has helped to make creating a new business more accessible to more people than almost ever before. Entrepreneurs can connect to global resources, knowledge, professional networks, and consumers that can help them on their path. Indeed, a recent study found that in 2020, 804,398 businesses in the U.S. were less than a year old.
However, alongside this digital business frontier and the technology that supports it, there are areas of neglect. Among startups, one of these tends to be the implementation of effective human resources (HR). Whether due to a lack of knowledge or an alternative focus, entrepreneurs tend to overlook just how crucial a solid HR department and strategy can be.
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Nine 'Must Read' Leadership Books

Whether you manage a team of one or one hundred, the role of leader is a challenging one, with its own unique trials and triumphs. From dealing with internal conflicts to inspiring motivation to steering staff through tough times, these books provide vital advice and insight into how to lead with confidence, resilience, and intent.


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3 Tips For Onboarding a New Team Member Successfully

Approximately 59 million Americans work for small businesses. If you are the owner of a small business, you know how important finding and hiring the top talent in your industry is. Some business owners focus so much on recruiting talent that they neglect to optimize their onboarding process. Studies show that employees who have not been properly trained are less productive and more likely to quit and take a job with a competitor.


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How to Become More Employable in 2021

The global workforce is rapidly changing, as is the notion of the workplace. The pandemic has shifted the ways brands hire people and the way people choose jobs – making it a much more competitive environment both for experienced and for newbie workers. No matter your industry or your level of education, working on your skills and expanding your knowledge can make all the difference in the world when you’re searching for a new job.
Perhaps the health crisis has left you without your permanent position in a job you once loved. Then again, maybe you noticed that your position is at risk and you’d like a more stable opportunity in the near future. Although you cannot change how companies develop their own hiring and selection processes, you definitely can affect their decision by becoming more employable in the first place. So, what are the skills that will be of greater value in 2021 than in the previous years? Let’s suggest a few ways you can increase your chances to get a job or to make one for yourself in 2021.
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Using Tech to Boost Employee Communication

On one hand, companies today fear the notion of digital overload as they begin utilizing so many different digital tools. The initial idea might be to simplify their workflow or to make it easier for remote teams to connect, but over time, the overwhelming use of digital might become counterproductive. What this often leads to is a general fear of introducing new tools or replacing old and outdated ones based on the premise that “it works”. What if it could work better, with something more advanced and innovative at your disposal?
Technology is rapidly evolving, and that means that your business can, too. Choosing to upgrade to certain tech solutions and move from an outdated platform to a more modern one makes perfect sense in this competitive universe. It means giving your employees the necessary means to be more productive, engaged, and to collaborate seamlessly. Here are a few tech ideas to bear in mind when you’re looking to improve your internal communication!
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Ensure the Best Working Conditions to Increase Productivity

Your work environment will directly impact your mood, your mental health, and ultimately your performance as well. If employees were to work in a dull, dreary roach and rat-infested and filthy office setting, full of hostile bosses and unfriendly workers, it will adversely affect their productivity. Moreover, they would not even have the confidence or for that matter the job satisfaction to try and speak up about their grievances. This is why creating a highly positive work environment is critical to your company’s overall success. Let us check and see what it is that can make workers more productive:


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9 Tips For Recruiting in the Healthcare Field

Finding a job can be stressful, but looking for employees can cause just as much anxiety. There is pressure on the recruiter to find the right candidate with the qualifications for the job and fits in with the rest of the current staff.

The healthcare field has different challenges than other industries as many of the applicants are well qualified with degrees and certifications. Knowing what your company needs and understanding the realities of the jobs are essential for finding the right candidate.

Here are 9 tips for recruiting in the healthcare field:


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5 Reasons Why DIY Employee Surveys Are Bad Practice

  I recently came across an article on Vox.com with an intriguing headline.

Jeff Bezos says 94% of Amazon workers would recommend their job to a friend.

Bullshit, I thought. In over 20 years of surveying employees on their job satisfaction we have never, ever encountered a score anywhere close to that high for that particular question. How on earth could Amazon then? Turns out it's not so rosy as it might appear. The number comes from an internal survey of employees, and Amazon, like many companies these days have decided to conduct the survey themselves in-house. The article goes on to explain it:

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said warehouse employees like working for his company so much that “94% say they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a place to work.” But some of his own employees aren’t buying that statistic.

The 94 percent number was gleaned from an employee survey program at Amazon called Connections, which asks Amazon employees to answer a single question each day before they can start working on their company computer or their warehouse workstation. Bezos cited the stat in mid-April in his final letter to shareholders as Amazon’s CEO.

But in interviews with Recode over the past two weeks, a half-dozen Amazon employees and managers, two of whom are familiar with the inner workings of the Connections program, said that many Amazon employees have widespread concerns about the Connections program and the accuracy of its data and insights.

There's a simple explanantion why Amazon employees have concerns. If this survey is being conducted by in-house HR, then it's not anonymous. And if workers believe they are being tracked and their responses are monitored by HR they simply will not be honest. As I wrote in a LinkedIn post a few years ago, anonymity is critical for the success of any  kind of employee feedback system. That's still true today, even with the proliferation of DIY survey tools out there, using a trusted 3rd party to conduct your employee survey is the only way to guarantee that you are getting accurate data.


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