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Making the Office More Appealing Than Working from Home

After tasting the convenience, time and money saving and a better work-life balance that come with working from home, most employees are reluctant to get back to the office. However, a traditional office is still important, which is why employers are eager to get the employees back to the office. It is a hard time for employers keeping in mind that employees have the upper hand, so to say. Forcing them back to the office won’t cut it, and might even lead to employees looking for other opportunities. Employers need to be creative in their approach. And, that is where making the office more appealing than working from home comes in. This can be a great way to nudge them back to the office. Here are a few ways on how you can go about it.

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10 Effective Management Practices for Leading a Remote Team

Working with a remote team may seem more challenging than working with an in-office team. However, if you have experience working with remote employees, you likely won’t find it too difficult.
On the other hand, if you are just starting out managing a remote team, then you should definitely prepare for this task that you will take on for the first time in your life. To help you, here are the ten most effective management practices for leasing a remote team.
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Things To Be Mindful of During the Offboarding Process

Most HR professionals have been trained to aid employee onboarding and ensure that new hires get off to a great start. 

But what about offboarding? When was the last time you reviewed the way you said “goodbye” to your employees?
A solid offboarding process is a crucial part of your business's success. Offboarding can reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats, help your company avoid legal issues, improve current employees' motivation, and provide useful feedback to improve your business’s operations.
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The Importance of Recordkeeping Throughout The Hiring Process

In any industry, records play an integral role, especially in legal and compliance. In fact, some industries have a legal obligation to keep specific records.

When it comes to hiring new employees, maintaining accurate records is absolutely vital. In fact, failing to do so can open a company up to legal trouble.
The recruiting process should involve the development, usage, and storage of records that aid in the employment process. It aids in ensuring that the firm complies with federal and state employment rules and regulations.
Compliance enables businesses to demonstrate their commitment to nondiscrimination in recruitment and hiring, react to reasonable requests for accommodation in the hiring process, and achieve their aim of attracting the best applicants.
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How to Improve Human Capital Management

Employees are not just cogs in the organizational machine when it comes to improving human capital management. Instead, they are individuals with different goals, preferences, and personalities. Therefore, you must understand each employee's motivation, communication, and work preferences as a manager. For example, while some people may benefit from frequent check-ins and email communication, others may prefer face-to-face communication. Here are a few tips for improving human capital management:

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5 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a New Employee

Hiring a new employee is a big decision. After all, this person will be responsible for representing your company and its values to the outside world. Therefore, it's critical to take the time to find someone who is the right fit for the job. You'll want to ensure you're hiring someone hardworking, honest, and reliable. 

Here are five important things to consider before hiring a new employee: 

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How Engagement in the Workplace Can Be Improved by Using Video

Employee engagement is critical for any business. It is "the number of employees who are emotionally and behaviorally connected to their work and their organization." In other words, it's how happy employees are with their job and their company. If your employees aren't engaged, they're not able to be productive, and that's problematic for the business. But how can you improve employee engagement? 

There are many ways to improve employee engagement, but videos are one of the most powerful tools for engaging employees. Videos are the most engaging form of content on social media today. They're growing in popularity among people who want to watch videos away from their computers or phones. If you want to boost employee engagement in your company, incorporate video into your strategy.
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Why Every Small Business Needs To Implement An Open Door Policy In The Workplace

Things get lost in translation. Intentions grow more muddled as the chain of command lengthens. The truth is that the larger the business, the less connection there is between a business’s officers and its employees.
This diminishment is an inevitability with massive corporations like Walmart or Amazon. Can the CEOs of these corporate giants feasibly respond to every single employee’s needs? Not Likely.
However, for smaller businesses, management can do much more to strengthen the bridge that connects them to their employees. This article will explore why every small business can benefit from an open-door policy in the workplace.
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The Latest Trends in Talent Management

Human resource professionals have been busy anticipating the next generation of talent management trends, including a fluid approach to talent management and promoting brands through social media. Experts predict that data-driven methods and virtual HR departments will continue to gain popularity. The future of talent management is here!

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Happy International HR Day 2022

There's no question that the last 2 years have been an enormous undertaking for HR professionals worldwide. Whether is was the Covid-19 pandemic, shutdowns, lockdowns, juggling mask and vaccine mandates, navigating the rules of a new work from home (WFH) revolution, the "Great Resignation", or simply Zoom meeting burnout (yes, it's a thing) life in HR has been both a rollercoaster and a challenge. 

It's been our great good fortune for the past 25 years to have worked with a wide array of HR professionals around the globe providing help and guidance in the never-ending (it seems) quest to get their arms around the ongoing global employee engagement problem, and the events of the past 2 years haven't made this job any easier. But together, we have risen to the challenge and we will continue to work hand-in-hand with our HR partners to improve and enhance what we call the 4Cs of Employee Satisfaction. Communication, Culture, Committment and Compensation. 

So today on May 20th, 2022 we recognize the profession, the work that you all do and the positive contributions you make for individuals and organizations. #InternationalHRDay provides an opportunity to salute HR and people practices at an individual, company, national and international level.

Lets all take a moment to recognize all the hardworking HR professionals who make a difference! #InternationalHRDay



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