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4Cs Blog: Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Effective Hacks for Employees to Handle Work-Related Stress and Increase Productivity

Every workday comes with its own challenges and setbacks, yet employees often find ways to overcome them on their own, while achieving their goals at the same time. One day of stress-causing triggers is no big deal, but pile them up for a few weeks, and you get a disastrous recipe that companies rarely notice early enough to prevent – the recipe for burnout. The end result is reduced productivity, employee satisfaction, and an increase in work-related stress for the long haul.

Not paying attention to the little things can lead to major shifts in your company culture down the line, so it’s crucial to work on preventative measures to beat stress as early as possible. Especially if you want to elevate productivity in the new normal and make people feel safe in the workplace, you need to get creative with how you prevent work-related stress, minimize setbacks, and enable your employees to focus on their own professional output. Here are a few hacks to help your teams thrive.
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Hiring and Retaining Employees in Today’s Economy:

Is your small business hiring? Join the club. With the economy in recovery and society anticipating a widespread reopening, businesses of all types are scrambling to engage workers. Some are staffing up after a prolonged closure, others have found their ranks decreased due to caregiving and other family responsibilities, while others are enjoying the fruits of a growing business or even a new one they established during the pandemic. 

But getting people in the door might be tougher than ever, considering the need for employment after pandemic closures and downsizing. In fact, Indeed.com says that the share of job postings with phrases like "hiring urgently" has risen over 50% since the start of 2021. 
But remember the flip side of that: An astounding 95% of workers say they have considered leaving their jobs in 2021. It's important to ensure your current employees feel happy, comfortable, and settled, so that you retain the great talent you already have. 
Here are some ways to stand out in the race for top talent:
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How Has the Role of HR Evolved?

Many people still think human resources is strictly processing payroll and managing internal complaints. However, HR personnel have proven their role is far more impactful than this. The way people work has evolved tremendously, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the role of human resources growing right along with it.

We’re long past the days where HR's tasks were primarily administrative. Instead, the role of HR has evolved. Their responsibilities have grown to include ensuring employee productivity and wellness. HR staff is also heavily involved in communicating with company leaders about challenges that impact creating a healthy, efficient workforce and suggestions for overcoming them.
Read on for more about how the role of HR has changed in the past decade.
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7 Benefits of Employee Recognition

We often engage in discussions about what employers expect from employees. However, there is little deliberation about what employees anticipate in the workplace. Speaking of their expectations, recognition of their relentless contributions is a simple expectation they have. It is essential that organizations deliver on this basic expectancy. By doing so, they can inspire employees to align their interests with organizational objectives in the most effective manner.

Being a business leader, you look to evolve various strategies to keep your employees motivated. You also look to evolve progressive strategies to promote satisfaction among them. Unless they have the right motivation, they will not be able to perform beyond the ordinary. This is where the significance of employee recognition comes into the picture. However, the benefits of employee recognition go far beyond boosting the morale of employees. There are some incredible business benefits of offering recognition to employees that you ought to know. To shed light on these benefits, this blog delves deep into the correlation between employee recognition and business advancement. The worthwhile merits of employee recognition are listed below.
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4 Tips To Write Learning Objectives For Employee Training

Employee training is a training program that focuses on providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and direction for better employee performance. Employee training is a major part of corporations. Apart from the initial training, an employee has to go through to enter a company, several types of training are focused on different roles and have different goals. Below is a list of the different types of training corporations conduct to improve employee skills and performance quality!


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Why Employees Need Training on How to Work Remotely

Remote work has become extremely popular during our current times, mostly due to its necessity. As companies had to convert to remote, they were faced with an unprecedented challenge to manage their employees from a distance. Current and new employees are constantly faced with challenges working remotely, regardless of the potential benefits.
Rising costs and unexpected job losses have made home life challenging. Employees want to work effectively and keep their jobs in an increasingly competitive and challenging job market. Coronavirus has made most Americans lose income or their jobs entirely, causing many people to reconsider their options.
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Easier Than Ever: How To Set Up A Company Online In 2021

Almost everyone likes the idea of having a business. Providing products or /and services to other companies or individuals and making money from it is an idea that most people will welcome in 2021. However, the whole process of starting the business and running it makes a lot of people run from owning a business. The question of what to sell, who to sell to, where to sell, etc has dissuaded plenty of people from starting a business with the potential to generate up to seven figures. More and more people spend their time surfing the internet so instead of waiting for people to visit your physical store, you can take your store to them. This article will help you to understand some of the fundamental steps that are necessary if you want to set up a company online.

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5 Tips to Inspire Better Employee Productivity in the New Normal

The health crisis is far from over, but the business world is doing its best to go back to some semblance of normalcy, even though it’s far from what it was before the pandemic. Knowing that, employers and entrepreneurs are doing their best to overcome the pandemic-caused setbacks at work, whether they’re coming back to the office or they’re choosing to work from home – or, then again, in a hybrid model to combine remote and office-based collaboration.

No business has been left unaffected by the situation. So, even if you’ve done business as usual, so to speak, emerging collaboration and engagement trends must be affecting your workplace in many different ways. In the midst of all that stress and chaos, the main concern employers are facing is the need for boosting productivity without causing burnout. To do that in the new normal and with your remote workforce, here are a few tips you can use.
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The Contingent Workforce: Everything You Need to Know

Being able to hire people from across the world whenever you want is one of the best things that has happened to 21st-century business. This sort of freedom is unprecedented and it allows you to build your workforce freely and without any limitations. This also means that your workforce is fluid and contingent and that you’ll always keep seeing new faces. That might not be the worst thing in the world, though, especially if you’re not afraid of challenges and difficult scenarios. If you’re currently in the process of building a contingent workforce or thinking about doing that soon, here are a few things you’ll need to know.

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Why HR Should Continue Using Video Interviews

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our world in many ways, especially how we work. Among the changes was the realization that it was no longer necessary to be in a physical office to conduct business effectively, and that went for the human resources department as well. The use of video was a big part of this revolution as many HR professionals began interviewing candidates online so they could continue to keep their companies fully staffed.
Now that vaccines are making the rounds, many companies are returning to the office, but even if most aspects of our jobs return to normal, video interviews should remain the standard. There are many benefits of video interviews to both HR teams and potential candidates, including easier access to a more diverse workforce and improved ease of use across the board. Let’s look at why companies should continue this trend.
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