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4Cs Blog: Happy Employees = Happy Customers

What is a Staffing Agency and Why Do You Need One?

As a company owner or manager, there comes a time when you are required to hire staff to assist you in performing some duties, but you don’t have a clue as to where you will start. Finding qualified workers can be an uphill task, especially in an industry that requires specialization. You might also be seeking a job, and you don’t know where to begin. You can ease these processes by utilizing the services of a staffing agency. 

staffing agency, such as https://www.workkerapp.com/, also known as a recruiting firm, refers to a firm or organization whose main work is matching companies or employers with the right job candidates. They act as the middleman between employees and employers. Of course, they do this for a small fee. All you need to do as the employer is contact or register with the firm’s online portfolio, give a vivid description of the type of workers you need, and handle the staff hunting. When they find the right candidate for the job, they will connect you to the candidate at a small fee. 

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Tips To Effectively Recruit Better Candidates

Finding an employee whose skills align with the open position and fit the company's culture is gratifying for recruiters and employers alike. Choosing the wrong employees is a costly mistake for companies. Besides affecting their bottom line, it also affects their employee morale and office productivity.

There is no guarantee that we can completely avoid a bad hire. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of selecting the wrong candidate while ensuring you attract the best candidates. We have put together a list of tips for fine-tuning your recruitment efforts to help you get started.

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Why a Company Should Have Managed IT Services

To manage IT sources, a third-party contractor is outsourced for computer-based processes. Managed IT services anchorage AK comes with a cost, but it is worthwhile. Read on to understand the reasons for using it.

Some of the most outsourced IT services include: 

  •  Security services
  •  Storage services
  •  HRIS services
  •  Managed Mobility Services
  •  Workplace services
  •  Backup and recovery services
  •  Enterprise application services
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How HR Managers Can Coordinate a Transition Back to the Office

Although many businesses are eager to return to life at the office, many of their employees don’t share the same enthusiasm. Whether they’re still fearful of falling ill, have become accustomed to remote work, have family obligations, or another reason, employees are thinking long and hard about transitioning back to the office.
HR managers take on a tough challenge in helping employees get settled in the office after months of working from home. You want everyone involved to be confident, comfortable, and relatively happy in the transition. But often, that isn’t the case.
Fortunately, there are various things you can do as an HR professional to coordinate a seamless transition back to the office. Here are five of them.
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Why Training Remote Employees Is Essential

One of the conditions for the development of the company is the professional growth of employees. Training is beneficial not only for the employee but also for the employer because by investing money in employee training, the employer will receive even more income in the future. By training, the employee improves his qualifications, which can contribute to career advancement and wages. And the employer gets qualified personnel who will perform the work with high quality.

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The Secrets of Great Teamwork

Experts argue that a successful approach to team building requires taking an honest look at the current practice within organizations, as well as taking into consideration what organisations have done in the past and what they are doing today. Therefore, team building can be much more than just about creating more workable relationships. It is essential to understand the dynamics of motivation within a team and how this relates to overall team performance. These concepts provide a valuable framework for understanding the motivational processes involved in team building.

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Why You Should Hire Graduates

As an employer, you probably frequently ask yourself “why should you hire a graduate?” Graduates are fresh-faced, eager to learn and tend to have lower salary expectations; therefore, there are a variety of benefits of hiring a graduate. This article will focus on a variety of the benefits of hiring graduates.


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The Role of HR Departments in Startups

We are living during an exciting time for startups. The rise of the digital age has helped to make creating a new business more accessible to more people than almost ever before. Entrepreneurs can connect to global resources, knowledge, professional networks, and consumers that can help them on their path. Indeed, a recent study found that in 2020, 804,398 businesses in the U.S. were less than a year old.
However, alongside this digital business frontier and the technology that supports it, there are areas of neglect. Among startups, one of these tends to be the implementation of effective human resources (HR). Whether due to a lack of knowledge or an alternative focus, entrepreneurs tend to overlook just how crucial a solid HR department and strategy can be.
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Nine 'Must Read' Leadership Books

Whether you manage a team of one or one hundred, the role of leader is a challenging one, with its own unique trials and triumphs. From dealing with internal conflicts to inspiring motivation to steering staff through tough times, these books provide vital advice and insight into how to lead with confidence, resilience, and intent.


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3 Tips For Onboarding a New Team Member Successfully

Approximately 59 million Americans work for small businesses. If you are the owner of a small business, you know how important finding and hiring the top talent in your industry is. Some business owners focus so much on recruiting talent that they neglect to optimize their onboarding process. Studies show that employees who have not been properly trained are less productive and more likely to quit and take a job with a competitor.


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